Lynn Valley Day!

Years ago, actor and storyteller Silas Huckleback rode alongside the Lynn Valley Day parade dressed in buckskins, sitting astride his horse with his rifle by his side. Join the Friends of the North Vancouver Museum and discover this year’s feature. More

Where is this?!

Can you match the old and the new? At Lynn Valley Day 2018, the NVMA challenges visitors to match old and new North Vancouver sites. Find the modern shot of this 15th & Grand Boulevard streetcar stop and discover more matches on the answer sheet here. Then & Now Answer Sheet.


New Museum is Happening!  

Keeping our eye on the prize. Check this space for more updates on the New Museum project. Plans are taking shape with spaces for community engagement, theatrical interpretation, volunteer activity and children’s explorations included as part of the package. More

It’s coming … a new museum on Esplanade in Lower Lonsdale.

While waiting for the new museum…

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Preserving North Vancouver’s History