Buglight Workshops

Before the flashlights many skiers and hikers lit their way along North Vancouver’s trails using homemade contraptions of candles rigged in used coffee cans. To learn how to make your own ‘bug’ join us at these community events. More

Thank You!

THANK YOU to everyone who gave this GivingTuesday. We raised $1,825 Raised in 24 Hours!!

The Women & Wartime: Defending North Vancouver 1939-1945

How did residents respond to the call to support an Allied Forces victory during the Second World War? The Archives latest exhibit explores North Vancouver’s activities and contributions to the war effort. NVMA #Item 861. More

New Director

The appointment of Wesley Wenhardt as the new NVMA Director was recently announced by Victor Elderton, Chair of the NVMA Commission.  In mid-August Wesley Wenhardt succeeded Nancy Kirkpatrick who retired as NVMA Director after 12 years of service. Media Release

Building a Museum as Extraordinary as the Community It Will Serve

It’s coming … a new museum on Esplanade in Lower Lonsdale.

While waiting for the new museum…

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Preserving North Vancouver’s History