Daien Ide

$Daien Ide (3)

Reference Historian
Email: ided@dnv.org

My Photo
Playing taiko drums is fun and exciting. I used to perform with a taiko group and these sticks were for the big drum.

What I Do
Preserving and providing public access to historical records are a continuous process of problem solving which I enjoy.

What I Bring to the job
Having a touch of humour, working sensitively with small communities and listening well to stories are perhaps my best traits.

My Favourite Item in the Collections
I like the bear-clawed journal that the BC Mountaineering Club kept at a cabin on Grouse. It has a journal entry about chasing the bear that got into the cabin. The journal is just a journal until a bear gets a hold of it; then it is an event.

What I enjoy about North Vancouver

I like the creeks, forests and trails the most.