Jessica Bushey


My Photo:

I chose correspondence because it is such an important type of archival record. Now we use email to send and receive business and personal communications, but in the recent past it was done through letters. Of course we read archival letters for their content, but often it is the context that is more important and this is revealed through analyzing the paper, letterhead, date, signatures and seals.

What I Do:

As the Archivist, I am responsible for developing the Archives strategy and establishing policies and procedures for the Archives. I am also involved in acquiring archival materials, as well as the activities of processing, arrangement & description, preservation and providing access to the holdings.

What I Bring:

I bring curiousity to my work.

My Favourite Item in the Collection:

The Walter Draycott diaries are a perfect example of how the activities of an individual can impact the world. See:

What I Enjoy About North Vancouver:

I enjoy working in North Vancouver surrounded by trees and streams.