Joan Thornley


My Photo:

My love of jazz runs in my veins. The first album I ever bought was Dave Brubeck’s Take Five. I was thirteen years old. I have been a volunteer with the Vancouver International Jazz Festival for 25 years.

What I Do:

Having been receptionist at the NVMA for many years, I am now a casual employee who makes cameo appearances in the Archives at the Community History Centre. Think of me when you receive your Friends Society newsletter, Express. I probably did the mailing.

What I Bring:

45 years of museum experience, mainly in collections management, which means I have had to be a good problem-solver. I am proud to have been a custodian of the world’s patrimony. One of the greatest joys of my life has been the people I have met in my career.

What I Enjoy About North Vancouver:

North Vancouver’s ever-changing working waterfront.

My Favourite Item in the Collection:

The model of the RCMP schooner ST. ROCH, the first vessel to traverse the Northwest Passage from west to east, the first to make the transit in both directions and, by virtue of her final voyage from Halifax to Vancouver through the Panama Canal in 1950, the first to circumnavigate North America. ST. ROCH was launched at Burrard Dry Dock, North Vancouver, in 1928.