Shirley Sutherland

Assistant Director

My Photo:

I enjoy uncovering the stories that the archives and museum collections hold and then sharing that ‘news’ with our audiences.  This phone ‘speaks’ of how we can learn through our collections. A communications dinosaur that was popular for decades, this phone, for todays’ young audiences, is a real curiosity that provokes conversation.

What I Do:

Make stories come alive! Or put another way, I use our collections in a host of ways such as virtual exhibits, displays and exhibits, websites, social media, promotions, collections development, publications, school and public programs to engage with our audiences. Getting the word out about North Vancouver’s past, connecting it with our present and sharing, is what it is all about.

What I Bring:

Apart from decades of experience as an Educator at four Lower Mainland museums, I enjoy humour, a ‘can-do’ attitude and have a passion for history. As with most educators, I am inquisitive, delight in learning and in making things happen.

What I Enjoy About North Vancouver:

The people! Their experiences are the stuff of which stories are made; and North Vancouverites have a wealth of unique tales to tell.

Special note: Assistant Director Shirley Sutherland was recognized at the 2018 Canadian Museums Association conference for her outstanding service in museum education and on the front line at community museums.