Wesley Wenhardt

Email: wenhardtw@dnv.org

My Photo:

I chose this object because it best reflects the path ahead of perseverance and hard work to climb to the summit, bearing in mind that the best is yet to come!

What I Do:

I am honoured to be able to contribute to the team to launch, open and operate the new Museum of North Vancouver in the fall of 2020. I am looking forward to helping create an exciting new community and tourist destination in the dynamic Shipyards District, Lower Lonsdale.

It’s a privilege to accept the baton from retiring Museum Director Nancy Kirkpatrick, and draw on the energy and enthusiasm of the staff, volunteers, Friends, Commission and supporters. I look forward to having great supporting partners including: City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver and the Lower Lonsdale Business Improvement Area and The Shipyards District.

Our key priorities are to open the doors and breathe life into the new Museum of North Vancouver, welcoming both the community and visitors.

What I Bring:

I have been fortunate to work with many dynamic teams in launching museum and science centre projects in several cities. I enjoy working with teams of people, focusing their diverse, yet compatible skills and assisting them to move in a common direction at the same time, to attain uncommon results! I have a passion for creating informal learning environments, curiosity, perseverance and flexibility, and a strong desire to contribute to the success of the new Museum of North Vancouver and Archives.

The new Museum of North Vancouver is a very special museum project, on the shores of Burrard inlet, nestled in the natural beauty of North Vancouver, shadowed by the North Shore mountains.

I look forward to strengthening our community through the creation of a dynamic new museum for today and for future generations.

My Favourite Item in the Collection:

The ice axe and crampons from the early days of mountaineering on the slopes of the North Shore Mountains; it is amazing how these tools performed and enabled teams of climbers to pursue their curiosity and passion for traversing icy trails and scaling high peaks.

This reminds me of Team North Vancouver Museum and Archives, big tasks ahead as we move towards the launch and operation of the New North Vancouver Museum and Archives “ Taking it Step by Step” .

What I Enjoy About North Vancouver:

The inspiring stories of North Vancouverites young and old. The intimate relationship with the outdoors, and the ease of access to abundant fresh air and quiet wooded areas to run, walk or cycle.