Men among mountain campsite tents. Charles Chapman photo. Courtesy Lid Hawkins.



Sugar Without Stint

Members of a 1909 exploration of the Seymour River made sure they brought enough food to eat at their makeshift campsite tables. Charles Chapman described how the food was packed:

"Perry made several small canvas bags and in them we packed all the stuff which would be likely to spill. The butter was put in biscuit tins with flour all round it, and we found this a safe and convenient way to carry it. We originally intended to take 15 lbs of sugar, but as it arrived in a 20 lbs sack we decided to take the lot, and so we were able to use it without much stint."*

*The B.C. Mountaineer, Journal of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club Special Centennial Edition, by B.C. Mountaineering Club.

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