North Shore Hikes brochure map. NVMA photo.


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Streetcars to the Peaks

In the early 20th century, few tall buildings obscured the view to the north shore mountains. The B.C. Electric Company capitalized on the lure of the mountains and built three streetcar lines to the somewhat remote regions. Follow the routes in the Company’s 1935 “North Shore Hikes” brochure and see how the short Burrard Inlet ferry ride connected to the hiking and climbing trails. The Lonsdale Avenue line linked with Grouse Mountain trails, while the Capilano line led to hotels, teahouses and suspension bridge, and the Lynn Valley route ended at Lynn Valley Park and the trails to the Seymour peaks. Along with ferry and streetcar timetables, the pamphlets gave practical hiking tips – what to wear, how to prepare, and safety tips for mountain adventures. Every year, hikers still get lost on the north shore mountains.

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