E. Pauline Johnson on forest path. VPL 7652.




Chief Capilano and the Mohawk Princess

Chief Joe Capilano was a Skwxwú7mesh leader in North Vancouver. Known to his people as Sa7plek, he lived from about 1840 to 1910. Late in life he shared some of his treasury of history and traditional narrative with Tekahionwake, who styled herself as a “Mohawk Princess” born of a Mohawk chief and English mother. A renowned poet and storyteller of the late 1800s and early 1900s, she read romantic poems and stories of nature and aboriginal lore to enthralled audiences. Today, she is more widely recognized by the name E. Pauline Johnson. “Legends of Vancouver” presents her renderings of Chief Capilano’s accounts of local histories, landmarks and mountains.

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