Thunderbird Stone-Rudy ReimerFirst Recorded Ascent of Mount Seymour-Charles ChapmanEarly Vancouver’s Mountaineering Leader-Tom FylesSolving the Puzzle of Mystery Mountain-Don and Phyllis MundayI’d Love to Live Those Years All Over Again-Howard RodeNow That’s Ingenuity-Fred WilliamsThe Climber’s Guide to the Coastal Ranges-Dick CulbertAdventure Implies an Element of Risk-Glenn WoodsworthThe Avalanche and the Porridge Pot-Alice PurdeyFor the Want of a Down Jacket-Martin and Esther Kafer
Photo of Fred Williams. Courtesy Eric Jamieson.


Storyteller - Eric Jamieson

Involved with local museums for decades, Eric Jamieson’s love of history finds expression in many ways, including research and writing. He remarks on Fred Williams’ inventive talent:

“In today’s fast-paced and disposable society, Fred’s approach to making his own mountain gear for fun impressed me tremendously. Who today would think to cut down a maple tree to make their own skis?”

A video about Fred Williams’ resourcefulness in the mountains. Video 18 MB / 4:51 min