New Museum in North Vancouver

Building a Museum as Extraordinary as the Community It Will Serve

New Museum Building Site from 1925 to 2018. Watch It Grow!

100 Block West Esplanade Over Time


Located at 115 West Esplanade, in a City-owned amenity space, the purpose-built museum will be located in the heart of Lower Lonsdale’s new Shipyards District.


The new museum will:

• Be as extraordinary as the community it will serve.

• Be a curated and secure repository for the treasures and stories of our shared heritage.

• Play a vital role in education for youth and provide an interactive alternative to classroom education.

• Be an exciting new venue for events in the heart of Lower Lonsdale.

• Contribute significantly to the tourism economy.


• 16,000 sq ft.

• an arrival lobby (containing Streetcar)

• spacious rooms for community programs

• a garden terrace

• temporary exhibit gallery

• permanent gallery

• meeting spaces, administration area, and collections workroom


Your donation today to the New Museum Capital Campaign will help open the doors in 2020 and make a lasting legacy on the North Shore for generations to come.

Join in building a museum as extraordinary as the community it will serve!

People Involved

Aboriginal Voices Advisory Group

An Aboriginal Voices Advisory Group has been formed to provide input on programs and exhibits at the New Museum. The Group advises as to how indigenous culture may be authentically presented in the new North Vancouver Museum as well as at the new Polygon Gallery.

Public Art Commission

Artist Wade Baker has been commissioned through the City’s public art program, to create a carving of a Coast Salish legend, ‘The Sisters’. The piece will  be placed in the New Museum lobby where it will welcome visitors and acquaint them with stories about these prominent north shore mountain peaks. Sky Spirit Studio Photo

Architectural Design

Working with City of North Vancouver staff and Urban Arts Architecture, we have reviewed many aspects of the museum’s interior design. The vision is for a fresh and forward-looking museum.  With what Urban Arts calls “social glue spaces” it is to be a gathering place that encourages participation and interaction amongst visitors.

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